UniversityParent Guide to Supporting your Student's Freshman Year

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The UniversityParent Guide to Supporting Your Student’s Freshman Year is packed with practical advice and insightful reflections. Chapters unfold organically, season by season, taking you from summer as you pack and plan, through the challenges and transitions of autumn, and on into spring. Our expert contributors answer your questions – even the ones you didn’t know you had:

How can I help my student make a budget and stick to it?

Should parents attend orientation?

What can we expect on move-in day?

How does academic advising work?

Is it too soon to start planning for study abroad or apply for internships?

What are some tips for talking about health and safety with my student?

How can I be supportive while encouraging my student’s independence?

For ten years, UniversityParent has been proud to support family relationships during this important time of transition. We connect with parents all across the country through our engaging eNews and via the rich resources of our website,, and have published more than two million parent handbooks with hundreds of university partners.

The Guide is the product of this experience. There is no cookie-cutter approach to parenting a college student, but parents share universal concerns, questions, and joys. With room throughout for adding your own notes, the UniversityParent Guide to Supporting Your Student’s Freshman Year can be personalized and turned to again and again, during your student’s first year of college and beyond.