Reach University of Vermont (UVM) Parents

The University of Vermont partners with UniversityParent to produce their annual Family Guide.

Parents reference the guide in print and online anytime they have a question about the university, the local area, or how to support their student.

The Guide Provides Parents with:

Business and services near campus such as:

How Parents Get the Guide:

The University of Vermont hands out 5,000 copies of the printed guide to parents during orientation events. In addition, parents reference the guide online throughout the year. 

Our Market:

College parents annually spend $44 Billion on back-to-school shopping and travel and are the #1 influencer in buying decisions for today’s college student. In fact, millennial students speak with their parents more than 2x per week and spend $163 Billion / year in discretionary spending. 

Download the UniversityParent Media Kit.

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