About Us

Imagine college move-in day with your daughter.

You’ve been preparing for this moment for years. The car is packed to the roof with extra-long twin sheets and boxes of treasures, old and new. Her room at home has never looked so empty.

You both feel excited and sad, nervous and hopeful. As a parent, you want to do everything possible to help her connect with new friends, find the right major, and become independent…yet you know that, from here on, it's up to her. After you say goodbye and leave campus, you won't be able to check in and know how she's doing just by the look on her face when she walks through the door after school. You can’t ask her teachers about her progress, and you won't bump into her friends in the grocery store. A thousand questions run through your head. There are so many unknowns. How will you know she's okay when you're so far away?

That’s why we’re here. While we can’t take away the rollercoaster of emotions a family will experience (move-in day is only the beginning!), our resources answer almost any question you or your student may have. By sharing relevant and timely information drawn from our deep understanding of the common experiences of all the parents and schools we have served over the years, we hope to provide relief and build confidence.

Your college student will continue to rely on you for advice and support. And you can rely on UniversityParent