We've launched a new "Best for Parents" Certification

On almost every campus, the Fall 2016 Leasing Season begins this weekend. Why? Because Thanksgiving break is the first time that freshmen start talking to their parents about their plans to move off-campus next year. 

Last April, I led a roundtable discussion at the Interface Student Housing Conference titled, "What parents really care about: how to promote safety, community, & an academic environment rather than hot tubs, tanning beds, and free tacos." The conversation during the roundtable actually sparked a new product idea for UniversityParent! Many of the attendees said they'd love to have something to show parents that they're actually designing & building communities with the features that parents want. So, we came up with our own "Best for Parents" Certification. We wanted properties to be able to show off their best features to parents - in addition to our print and digital advertising opportunities. 

The 2015 “Best for Parents” Award comes with a plaque for you to prominently display in your lobby, a window cling for the entry-way, and an article on UniversityParent.com about your property and why it received the rating. 

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