I want to reach students. Why is reaching parents important?

  • Parents are highly influential in student's lives - especially when it comes to spending money. When a student is going to make a sizeable purchasing decision (new bike, textbooks, laptop, or signing a lease for student housing), they usually talk it through with mom and dad first. 
  • 67% of students speak with their parent every day or almost every day (Clark University Poll).
  • 74% of students receive financial support from their parents (Clark University Poll).
  • The NRF Back-to-College Survey says, "College students and their families are the real “golden geese” when it comes to school shopping...they spend more than $48.4 billion each year." When parents are ready to start spending, make sure your business is easy to find
"I... value my parents' opinions more... so when there are things that are going on, I call them for emotional support because I know that they won't sugarcoat anything." (Some Millennials — And Their Parents — Are Slow To Cut The CordNPR).

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