How can UniversityParent help a business like mine?

We will connect you with parents at the right time – when they’re searching for the product or solution that you offer. 

parent searching for student housing

UniversityParent provides a marketing platform for local businesses and national brands to connect with more than 2 million parents that are searching for the products & services that their son or daughter needs.

Our in-depth content relieves parents' anxiety & fears as they support their son or daughter from admissions through graduation. For many families, both parents and students feel like they’re on an emotional rollercoaster. From surviving the grueling admissions process, figuring out how to pay for college, their student experiencing homesickness & wanting to come home (or the first time the parent sees their daughter’s room after they’ve left,), to finally getting to graduation and starting to find that first job, and all the other moments in between – our resources support parents so that they can support their student.   

Whether you want to reach parents at a specific school that are asking things like, “Where should I stay for Parent’s Weekend,” “What’s the best off-campus student housing option for my daughter?” or you want to reach parents that are trying to solve a specific problem, such as, “How do I help my son decide where to study abroad?” we can help you reach parents right in that moment.

We answer questions that parents ask about more than 2,300 colleges & universities. Contact us for more information, or add your business to our directory right now.

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