Here are some statistics that might surprise you

Guess how many parents searched for off-campus housing in the past 30 days? 

As you know, the start of the spring semester is when many parents start talking with their student about next year's off campus housing options. Parents are often very involved because they may co-sign or guarantee a lease. But, it is tough for them to make a decision just based on their student's recommendation.

Of the 1,773,599 times UniversityParent showed up in an organic Google search this month (we rank highly because over 200 schools link to us), nearly 60% of the searches were related to housing. That means 1,064,159 people searched for a property like yours - just in the past 30 days.

Here are the top 20 Housing-Related Searches according to Google this month (data gathered from Webmaster Tools): 

apartments near ucf 788
ucf off campus housing 458
apartments near uncc 403
apartments near university of houston 401
fsu off campus housing 387
apartments near unt 336
apartments near texas tech 312
apartments near fsu 289
ucf apartments 257
boston apartments near emerson college 255
apartments near lsu 246
unt apartments 197
uncc off campus housing 176
fsu apartments 166
drexel off campus housing 159
apartments near tcu 153
uncc apartments 134
unt off campus housing 132
texas tech apartments 122
dinkytown rentals 104
School Abbreviation + Near was the most popular organic Google search. 

When you think about the way you describe your property, make sure to vary the way you refer to the school. Try using the full name, acronym/initials, and even the city name. If your property is walking distance from campus, I'd also include that in your description because that phrase also showed up frequently.

Happy leasing!

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