3 Ways to Boost Occupancy in 30 minutes or less

In the past few weeks, we've seen a huge spike in traffic on UniversityParent.com.

The majority of the traffic is coming from parents searching for Fall 2015 housing on Google.

Based on the data we're tracking, I want to share 3 ways you can bump occupancy rates in 30 minutes or less:

1 - Change the photos you use when advertising to parents.

Do you know what's in the photo most student housing companies send us to promote? Their pool! While the pool might be a great magnet for your ads targeted at students, remember that we're helping the parent [the guarantors!] find you and like your brand. The last thing they want to imagine is their daughter partying by the pool. Instead - pick a photo that showcases a beautiful, clean room or a quiet study environment. Try one like this (Canterwood) instead. 

2 - Talk about the features that parents care about.

Just like the pool, parents have different concerns than the student. Is your property walking distance to campus? Do you have security cameras? On-site maintenance? Promote it! These are all huge drivers in the decision making process for parents. They're also important pieces of the description. Think about the words a parent might use in a search. 

3 - Create a dedicated landing page.

I highly recommend creating a special landing page targeted at parents. Again, the language you use to promote your property and the photos you use should be very different from the language and photos you use to promote the property to students. Talk about how they can be involved and why you might ask them to guarantee the lease. Make them feel great about their student choosing you. [We can create a landing page for you - just click here for our Gold option].

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